Do Your Customers Know What's In The Air?

Indoor Air Quality Testing Made Easy

Helping your customers improve their indoor air quality should not be a sales pitch. Instead, you can show your customers the cause of their most common problems and provide solutions during one service call. IAQPRO™ detects nine air quality factors and offers tips to improve your customer’s indoor air quality. In addition, the lightbar changes into five colors to give a clearer picture of a home’s indoor air quality.






Find the Problem

Fix the Problem...During a Single Visit

IAQPRO™ is an easy-to-use and cost-effective solution to help your customers improve air quality in their homes and earn more during one visit by recommending relevant solutions. The SmartAir™ sensor detects the presence of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), carbon dioxide, particulate matter (PM), and more.

An air of confidence

With easy-to-follow instructions, you'll be able to complete your residential testing without complicated explanations. Gain actionable insights and real-time detection and air quality data tracking changes with IAQPRO™.

No More Guesswork

Identify the root cause of poor air quality

The IAQPRO™ allows you to quickly interpret results through the CPS Link™ App.
You no longer have to use petri dishes or clunky equipment – the IAQPRO is portable, rechargeable, and detects issues in any room in a customer’s home.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Become an IAQPRO™ in 30 minutes

Our indoor air quality meter is easy to install and connects seamlessly to our CPS Link™ App. Place the SmartAir™ device in the area to be tested and begin testing. The unit displays the current levels of air pollutants, and the lightbar changes into five different colors according to the air quality. Then, you can use the results to solve common indoor air quality problems.

Earn More Money on Every Service Call

IAQPRO™ provides you with everything you need to recommend services to your customers

without needing to reschedule follow-up visits,

handle Petri dishes, or carry clunky equipment.

Product SpecificationsDetails
Transmission Range Up to 150 Ft (46 m) (Direct Line of Sight)
Standard Test Timeframe30 Minutes (Default - Adjustable)
Mobile Device CompatabilityiOs (SE, 8 or newer); Android (OS 7.0 or newer)
Size / Weight 5”H (12.7cm), [0.65 Lb (0.3 kg)]
Power Cord USB-C Cable 6.6 Ft. (2 m)
AC/DC AdapterInput: 100~240V; 50~60Hz; 0.4A Output: DC 5V; 2.0A
Protective Carrying CaseEVA semi-rigid shell, with internal compartments

Air Quality FactorAccuracyMinimum Time
To Acquire
Accurate Data*
Temperature±2.3 ºF (±1.3 ºC)Immediate
Building Pressure±0.100 in.WC
(±0.25 hPa)
Dew Point
Temperature (DP)
±2.3º F (± 1.3 ºC)
± 5% Of Reading
Temperature &
+/- 2.3F (+/- 1.3C),
+/-5% of Reading
Total Volatile Organic
Compounds (tVOC’s)
±(50 ppb + 15%)5 Minutes To 60
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) ± (100 ppm +3% Of
3 Minutes
Fine Particulate
Matter (PM2.5)
± 25ug/m3 for < 100
±25% for > 100ug/m3
Particulate Matter (PM10)± 25ug/m3 for < 100
±25% for > 100ug/m3

Indoor Air
Quality Issues
Potential CausesRecommended Solutions
Hot or Cold
in Rooms
Unbalanced HVAC
Install Home Balancing Kit in all supply
Humidity Level
Return and/or Supply
Duct Leaks
Perform leak inspection and repair all leaks
in ductwork
High PM2.5 (0-
2.5 microns)
Dirty DuctworkClean and sanitize ducts
High PM10.0
Poor FiltrationAdd local HEPA filtration to remove particles
> 3 microns
High tVOC LevelInadequate ventilationAdd ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilation) or
HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilation) to exchange
stale air with fresh air
High Or Low
-Negative air pressure in
-Negative air pressure
in winter
Inspect windows, doors or other openings in
the building envelope for air leaks
High Or Low
Dew Point
-In the summer, condensation forms on ducts,
air diffusers, walls or
Ensure AC system is proper size (tons) and
functioning properly. Check ductwork or
building envelope for leaks. Determine if insulation missing

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