Next Generation
Indoor Air Quality Tools

We understand how important air quality is in your customer’s homes. As a result, we’ve designed a complete line of smart air quality devices. CPS has all the products you need to become an expert in this space, from indoor air quality meters to balanced airflow devices.

Smart Solutions

For Unknown Air Problems

Eliminate awkward sales pitches, Petri-dishes, and return visits with smarter solutions. We developed the highest quality diagnostic tools to detect carbon dioxide (CO2), volatile organic compounds (VOC), particulate matter (PM)

Reveal the Invisible

These devices will give you insight into the air you breathe. Know if there are allergens or pollutants in your customer’s home. Learn how to improve indoor air quality with our line of SmartAir™ tools.

Become an Airflow Pro

Our air quality tools have all the technology needed to help you maintain a healthy indoor environment. Our user-friendly devices display air quality stats in an easy-to-read way and connect with our CPS Link™ app, which provides tips on improving your air quality.

Airflow + Balancing


IAQPRO™ provides you with everything you need to recommend services to your customers without needing to reschedule follow-up visits, handle Petri dishes, or carry clunky equipment.

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Achieve accurate, affordable, real-time airflow readings in a matter of seconds.