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Empowering Inventors for Breakthroughs in Technician Tools

At CPS Products, innovation runs in our DNA. Born from the minds of technicians, we’ve honed our craft to design cutting-edge Tools for the Professional Service Technician. Our unwavering commitment is to enhance the diagnostic experience, enabling technicians to perform with unparalleled precision and speed, ultimately delighting customers.

We extend a warm invitation to ingenious technicians who dream big and strive for excellence. Collaborate to revolutionize the field by sharing your groundbreaking ideas and inventive solutions. Whether it’s a new product that addresses a crucial gap or an ingenious improvement to an existing tool, your vision could shape the future of technician tools.

Imagine this....

Your idea is selected, developed, and transformed into a market-ready reality. But that’s not all – your dedication and brilliance deserve recognition. As your brainchild becomes a thriving product, you’ll earn royalties for every unit that finds its way to eager hands. It’s not just about partnership; it’s about realizing your potential and being rewarded for your innovation. Join us at CPS Products, where your ideas become tools of transformation.

Together, let’s forge ahead, delivering excellence and leaving a lasting mark on the world of technician tools. Seize this opportunity, and together, we’ll redefine the industry. Your journey starts now.

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