Guideline Terms and Conditions

Inventors Hub Guideline Terms and Conditions

Submission. We developed a comprehensive inventor guide and vetting process (“Guideline”). When you click on the “Accept” button below, you are agreeing to our Guideline’s terms and the conditions. Once we receive your filled out form set out below, we will be able to review your submitted invention. Please note that we consider all proposals only if a patent application has been previously filed covering it. We also only review proposals on a non-confidential basis. Please note that we review all submissions on a non-exclusive basis, and until we execute a separate agreement with you, we have no obligation to you.
Release. You hereby acknowledge and agree that due to the fact that we see many inventions and technical information and we also often have our own teams working on innovations, we may already have knowledge of ideas similar to your submission or may have already reduced those ideas to practice. As a consequence, you acknowledge and agree that we can freely make, use, sell or offer to sell, our technology and obtain the same from others. You further agree to release us from any past, present or future claim that reserves your right to contest our intellectual property or otherwise claim our inventions as being your own, even if our intellectual property is the same as yours. Your release is provided without compensation.
Invention & Warranty. In order for us to review your submission, you agree that what you submit (including your patent filing) constitutes the entirety of the intellectual property covering your submission and that you are allowed and authorized to submit this proposal including all related intellectual property. As part of the submission, we request that you supply us either with a copy of your patent application, or a reference to your non-provisional patent application serial number (which as you may know, is publicly available). We cannot consider any submissions that do not include a patent application or granted patent. You also represent and warrant that this submission does not violate the intellectual property rights of any third party.
Trade Secrets, Know How and Confidentiality. We only review materials contained in your patent filing. . As noted above, we cannot treat your submission as confidential – so to the extent you wish to maintain confidentiality please refrain from submitting your proposal. However, if you do submit your proposal you hereby agree that we are not obligated to keep your submission confidential.