Leak Detection Kits

Everything you need to find leaks—fast! Our leak detection kits come with your choice of injection system, dye, and UV light, adapters, plus the industry’s toughest and most durable UV enhancing glasses in a rugged storage case.

332005 | SpotGun™Jr. UV Phazer™ Kit

Spotgun Jr./UV Phazer/BLACK Kit

332005A | SpotGun™Jr. UV Phazer™ Kit

Spotgun Jr/UV Phazer BLACK Kit w/A/C ExtenDye

332010A | Spotgun™ Jr. LED-Lite Kit

Spotgun Jr./LED-Lite Kit w/A/C ExtenDye

332220A | Spotgun™ Jr. Pico-Lite™ Kit

Spotgun Jr.™/PICO-Lite Kit with A/C ExtenDye™

414500 | Spotgun™ Micro-Lite™ Kit

Spotgun™/Micro-Lite™ Kit

414500A | Spotgun™A/C ExtenDye Micro-Lite™ Injection Kit

Spotgun™/Micro-Lite Kit with A/C ExtenDye™

414565 | Spotgun™ UV Phazer BLACK (Rechargeable) Kit

Spotgun | UV Phazer Black (Rechargeable) Kit