High Pressure (Turbo) Machines

Our High Pressure Diagnostic Smoke® Machines are leak detection devices that use smoke vapor and non-contaminating UltraTraceUV® to pinpoint high pressure leaks especially in turbo gasoline and diesel engine systems.

500-0150 | MotorVac® CoolSmoke® HP High-Pressure Smoke Machine

The Cool Smoke HP is the best High Pressure Smoke Machine for turbo gasoline and diesel leak detection. Delivers densest smoke vapor across the highest pressure range on the market (3-60 psi). Works with Android® or Apple® mobile devices.

WV711 | Vacutec® Smart Pressure® Heavy Duty Smoke Machine

The Vacutec® Smart Pressure® Diagnostic Smoke® Machine is designed exclusively for high-pressure turbo system leak detection and heavy-duty applications. Features award-winning, OEM-approved technology. Wireless remote included.