A/C Dye Cartridges

Replacement Dye Cartridges are easy to use, eliminate over-injection and prevent contaminants from entering the system.

477108 | Vivid A/C Dye Cartridge

Vivid A/C Dye Cartridge (8 oz./240mL)

480200 | A/C Treatment Cartridges with UV Dye

Spotgun Jr.™ Cartridge A/C Treatment with UV Dye

499108 | Universal A/C Dye Cartridge

Spotgun 8oz./240mL A/C Dye Cartridge

399020 | A/C Dye Cartridges

Spotgun Jr.™ A/C Dye “Multi-Shot” Cartridges

399006EU | A/C Dye Cartridges

ECO-Twist A/C “Single-Shot” Cartridges

399006 | A/C Dye Cartridges

Spotgun Jr.™ A/C Dye “Single Shot” Cartridges

399006AEU | A/C ExtenDye Cartridges

A/C ExtenDye Cartridge (0.25 oz/7.5mL)

399006A | A/C ExtenDye Cartridge

A/C ExtenDye Cartridge (0.25 oz/7.5mL)