TRSA30 | R134A and R1234YF Refrigerant Scavenger Machine | CPS

R134A and R1234YF refrigerant recovery unit

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General Details

Sparkproof refrigerant scavenger machine for use on R134A and R1234YF vehicles to recover contaminated refrigerant. Meets SAE J2810 and J2851.

The TRSA30 machine is specially designed to recover contaminated R-134a or R-1234yf for Mobile A/C systems. The TRSA30 utilizes 2/3 HP 2 cylinder oil-less compressor.

TRSA30 Machine Features:

• Service hose with Low Side couplers for R-134a and R-1234yf system hook-up
• CPS’s exclusive 1 HP 2-cylinder Oil-less compressor
• Small High Side volume eliminates pump down system
• Ignition proof design for use with Class A2L refrigerants
• Integrated tank overfill sensor cord to connect to float built into the CRX430TS
recover tank.
• Easy to carry handle
• Indicator Lights for Tank Overfill and High Pressure activation.
• High Pressure cutout switch
• Integrated Low Side Pressure Gauge


  • 30 lb. tank
  • Low side recovery hose
  • Couplers