TRS600 | Sparkless Ignition Proof Recovery Machine

Pro-Set TRS600 Series is the undisputed hands-down leader for fastest recovery of R410a, and fastest overall for R22, R134a and R407c.

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General Details

Fast.  Compact.  Reliable.
The Pro-Set TRS600 is a lightweight, efficient and reliable refrigerant recovery machines in a compact, rugged, contemporary housing.  The TRS600 offers the ideal combination of form and function to make refrigerant recovery fast and easy.

TR600 Features:

  • Powerful 2/3 HP oil-less 2 cylinder reciprocating recovery compressor
  • Exceptional compressor, condensing and cooling systems allow fast recovery in high-temperature environments
  • Thermally protected motor
  • Fastest R-410A flow rates in its class
  • High-pressure shut-off switch
  • Durable inlet and outlet ball valve construction with 1/4 turn gauges
  • Integrated component moorings for quiet operation
  • High impact injection molded housing
  • Ergonomic well-balanced design for easy transport
  • No tool access suction housing for an easy filter clean/change
  • Fewer parts provide greater reliability
  • Worldwide patents pending


Refrigerant Usage

Recovery Rates
RefrigerantDirect VaporDirect LiquidPush – Pull LiquidHigh Temp Vapor Rate
R410a.70 lb/min
(0.32 kg/min)
11.94 lb/min
(5.41 kg/min)
31.7 lb/min
(14.3 kg/min)
0.81 lb/min
(37 kg/min)
R22.59 lb/min
(0.27 kg/min)
8.86 lb/min
(4.02 kg/min)
31.52 lb/min
(14.3 kg/min)
0.86 lb/min
(39 kg/min)
R134a.49 lb/min
(0.22 kg/min)
7.8 lb/min
(3.54 kg/min)
25.66 lb/min
(11.64 kg/min)
R407c.53 lb/min
(0.24 kg/min)
9.50 lb/min
(4.31 kg/min)
29.14 lb/min
(13.22 kg/min)


Replacement Parts
TR21X1 Valve Rebuild Kit
TR21X3Piston/Connecting Rod Replacement
TR21X2Complete Rebuild Kit
TR700X1Head Replacement
CRXF3(6) Suction Filters
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