TLWL132R | Rechargeable Underhood LED WorkLight

Rechargeable Underhood LED WorkLight Automotive

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General Details

See under the hood clearly with this ultra-bright LED work light. The retractable handles allow limitless mounting possibilities.

  • 200 LEDs
  • Ultra-bright LED lamps
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Shatterproof tube
Replacement Parts
TLXWL132BARReplacement Expandable Bar For The TLWL132R
TLXWL132CH110110V Wall Charger For TLWL132R
TLXWL132CH1212V Battery Charger For TLWL132R
TLXWL132CLIPLight Holding Clips For TLWL132R
TLXWL53BATReplacement Battery Pack For The TLWL53A
TLXWL53CH110110V Battery Charger For The TLWL53A
TLXWL53CH1212V Battery Charger For The TLWL53A
TLXWL53HOOKReplacement Magnetic Hook For The TLWL53A