Squeeze Gun Injectors | UVNJS Squeeze Gun Dye Injection System

The easiest, cleanest and fastest method of injecting dye into a system!

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Squeeze Gun Injectors

The UVNJS squeeze gun injection system is the easiest, cleanest, and fastest method of injecting dye into a system. Simply match the appropriate pre-filled, pre-measured universal dye cartridge with the size of the system being serviced place it into the squeeze injector system, make your connection, and inject the dye. It’s that simple. The UVNJS includes (1) squeeze gun injector and (1) UVXSGA adapter hose with a ball valve.  Dye cartridges sold separately.

UVNJSSqueeze gun injector and ball valve hose assembly. 1/4˝ F BV Hose  (1/2 oz. capacity) Adapter Hose #UVXSGA
UVNJRefillable in-line anodized aluminum injector – expandable from ¼ to ½ oz (7.5 to 14ml) capacity with ¼” SAE fittings. In-Line AC&R 1/4˝ (1/4 to 1/2oz. – 7.5 to 14ml)
TLJ2Refillable in-line anodized aluminum injector – 2 oz (60 ml) capacity with ¼” SAE fittings. 1/4 oz. / 7.5 ml to 2 oz. / 60 ml capacity, R-12 1/4˝ SAE Oil Dye Injector Replacement Oil Injector Hose #TLJX2H
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