PT200W | Wireless Pressure and Temperature Gauge

PT200W Wireless Pressure Temperature Gauge

General Details
PT200W Wireless Pressure and Temperature Gauge

The PT200W is a compact, portable instrument for accurately measuring and calculating HVAC/R data such as pressure, SuperHeat, SubCool, and temperature differential (tH-tL) that are critical to properly servicing HVAC/R equipment. Use the PT200W as a stand-alone gauge or pair with a mobile device to set up, store or e-mail client and job lists, job site data, invoices and other convenient, time-saving features.


  • Large, 5 digit LCD display with low battery indicator
  • Compatible with all refrigerant gases (including ammonia)
  • Includes thermistor sensor (clamp, with 6 ft. lead), stainless steel T connector, hanger hook, double-wall cloth storage case, and quick start guide – all packed in a clear clamshell
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA with the US and foreign components.
  • High and low-temperature probe connections
  • Take measurements directly from the system access port



  • Client Lists – Enter and retain client information
  • Job Checklist – Create and retain job reminders
  • Job Tracker – Create and retain a record of services performed
  • Geolocation – Record where (global coordinates) and when (timestamp) jobs performed
  • Cloud backup of data
  • Monitor readings remotely without refrigerant loss caused by manifolds and long hoses
  • Share/Send Data – Conveniently e-mail data to a client, home office, others
  • Selectable Language  – Choose from English or Spanish
  • P/T tables for 105 refrigerants, and ability to add/delete
  • Data Log – Pressure, temperature (tH, tL)
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