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1500times better than other products

"We love this 5-2-1. It's the only one we use. Thank you."

Philip - Owner, Schuler Heating and Cooling Inc

"I have put on over 1,000 since 2002."

Randy - Owner, Fly Comfort Services,

"We have been installing the 5-2-1 for several years and continue to offer it to all of our clients."

Jared - Service Engineering LLC

This tool is awesome. Perfect for refilling the cooling system after a water pump, hose, or thermostate change, or for flushing your coolant system. You attach it to a strong compressor (really need about 120# of pressure for this tool to create the proper vacuum level), place it in your overflow reservoir and create a vacuum on the cooling system. You then turn on the intake valve and refill your entire cooling system in minutes from a bucket of pre-mix with absolutely no air in the system. Not only a time saver, but a must when working with modern engines where trapped air in the system will cause overheating and damage the engine. This company makes two versions of this tool...this model which is made of plastic and a professional model made of brass. If I were using it on a daily basis, I would probably go with the more expensive brass model, but both work the same, and this lower priced plastic model is perfect for home mechanics who will only use it occasionally.


I didn't know there was such a tool until I saw it in use on you tube. I found this model at Amazon and now I can't see myself filling the cooling system on an auto without using one. I've used it on small systems and larger diesel pickups and it has worked great every time. They make different models but this one with the cone fits all the different size radiator openings without any adaptors. The cone will stay in place because of the vacuum that you pulled on the system. You can have some coolant in the system before you start,just start with the radiator almost empty.


works great


very handy. Keeps my primers ready for action.


Perfect fory big hands, easy to use


Nice tool. Works well


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