OPEBA6S | AC/R Acid Neutralizer

Optima® eBOOST™ AC/R Acid Neutralizer

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General Details

eBOOST™ AC/R Acid Neutralizer actively locates and neutralizes acids in AC/R systems caused by moisture, compressor burnout and lubricant/refrigerant gas breakdown.


  • Ideal for preventive maintenance
  • Fast and immediate results
  • Treats up to 6 tons
  • Recommended to prevent the formation of acid and for systems that are showing signs of acid build up
  • Safe and effective for all systems
  • Packaged in sealed trilingual (English, French and Spanish) clamshell with hang tab, color insert card and instructions
ItemSizeCase Qt
OPEB6S1 oz (30 ml)15/per
Instructions for Use
  1. Turn AC/R system on and set to lowest temperature.
  2. Hold syringe end upright and unscrew (remove) blue cap.
  3. Select a ¼” hose (black o –ring) or 5/16” hose (green o-ring).
  4. Attach threaded end of hose to syringe.
  5. Gently push plunger and fill clear hose with solution (to displace all air from hose).
  6. Connect hose to system low pressure service port and inject 100% of solution.
  7. Disconnect hose/syringe from system and discard.
  8. Continue to run system for 30 minutes.
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