IAQPRO | Indoor Air Quality Meter

Our Indoor Air Quality Meter is the industry’s premier smart tool for HVAC pros. The meter pairs seamlessly with the CPS Link System to help you identify indoor air quality issues, determine potential causes, and recommend solutions

General Details


 Indoor Air Quality Meter

Introducing the industry’s premier smart tool to help HVAC professionals quickly and accurately identify air quality issues in residential or commercial spaces. Paired with the CPS Link System, the meter can test for indoor air quality issues, pinpoint potential causes, and provide in-app solutions.

HVAC pros can earn more revenue on every service call. The indoor air quality meter is an easy-to-use device that can measure nine different air quality factors. With our meter, you place it in the area you would like to test, and the device will do the rest.

The test results include numerical data, and the app features a list of causes and solutions to improve the air quality in that area. With our indoor air quality meter, becoming an air quality professional has never been easier.

IAQ Testing Simplified

  • Test indoor air in conditioned spaces for 9 critical air quality factors
  • Identify air quality issues, causes, and solutions in minutes!
  • Professional, user-friendly reports that help you win more business every time.
  • Pair this Bluetooth meter with your Android or IOS mobile device with the CPS Link App.
  • Earn more revenue on every service call!
Product SpecificationsDetails
Transmission Range Up to 150 Ft (46 m) (Direct Line of Sight)
Standard Test Timeframe30 Minutes (Default - Adjustable)
Mobile Device CompatabilityiOs (SE, 8 or newer); Android (OS 7.0 or newer)
Size / Weight 5”H (12.7cm), [0.65 Lb (0.3 kg)]
Power Cord USB-C Cable 6.6 Ft. (2 m)
AC/DC AdapterInput: 100~240V; 50~60Hz; 0.4A Output: DC 5V; 2.0A
Protective Carrying CaseEVA semi-rigid shell, with internal compartments


Includes Quick Start Guide, Storage Case, 120VAC Plug, and USB Cord

Air Quality Factors

 9 Air Quality Factors

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
Detects the presence of Volatile Organic Compounds (chemical pollution) commonly given off by interior building materials such as carpet, paint, upholstery, vinyl flooring, cleaning products, cosmetics, burning wood, etc.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
It uses an NDIR (Non-Dispersive Infrared) sensor to detect carbon dioxide (non-combustible gas) formed during respiration, organic decomposition, or combustion. CO2 may threaten humans if breathed in high enough concentrations.

Particulate Matter (PM2.5 & PM10)
Measures the amount of inhalable particulate matter that can penetrate the lungs and cause health problems. Examples include dust, pet dander, pollen, and other airborne substances less than 2.5 and 10 microns in size.

Temperature, Humidity, Dew Point and Pressure
Measures indoor air Temperature, Dew Point Temperature, Relative Humidity, and Building Pressure, any one or all
of which may adversely affect building occupants or the building itself.

Air Quality FactorMeasurementAccuracyMinimum Time To Acquire Accurate Data*Values Displayed In App- MinimumValues Displayed In App- Maximum
TemperatureTemperature±2.3 oF (±1.3 oC)Immediate32F (0C)122F (50C)
PressureBuilding Pressure±0.100 in.WC (±0.25 hPa)Immediate120 in. WC (300 hPa)441 in. WC (1100 hPa)
DPDew Point Temperature±2.3o F (± 1.3 oC) ± 5% Of ReadingImmediate32F (0C)122F (50C)
rHRelative Humidity±5% of ReadingImmediate10%95%
Indoor Comfort Zone (Heating/Cooling Season)Temperature & Humidity+/- 2.3F (+/- 1.3C), +/-5% of ReadingImmediate61F (16C) & 10% r.H.93F (34C) & 95% r.H.
tVOC’sTotal Volatile Organic Compounds±(50 ppb + 15%)5 Minutes To 60 Minutes0 ppb5,000 ppb**
CO2Carbon Dioxide± (100 ppm +3% Of Reading)3 Minutes0 ppm5,000 ppm
PM2.5Fine Particulate Matter± 25ug/m3 for < 100 ug/m3; ±25% for > 100ug/m3Immediate0 ug400 ug
PM10Particulate Matter± 25ug/m3 for < 100 ug/m3; ±25% for > 100ug/m3Immediate0 ug600 ug