IAQPRO SmartAir™ | Indoor Air Quality Meter

IAQPro SmartAir Indoor air quality meter

General Details

The IAQ PRO SmartAir is a compact, professional, SmartAir instrument for measuring various aspects of indoor air quality. After placement on an interior residential surface, detailed air quality
data can be obtained by pairing this meter to a mobile device running the CPS Link app. The app will summarize air quality conditions and send a homeowner-friendly report with recommended
solutions (if problems found). Technicians may enter repair costs into the report by using their paired smart devices.

Technicians may then review this report on screen, or print or e-mail the report as a PDF. The SmartAir is great for documenting the quality of indoor air, and recommending additional products or services that technicians can provide to resolve indoor air quality problems.



IAQPRO SmartAir™ Features:

No Buttons, Controls, or Calculations: Extremely simple operation

Lightbar: Intuitive color bar provides air quality status (ranging from Green/Good to Red/Severe)

IAQ PRO Paired To Mobile Device – With CPS Link app: Mobile device provides information about indoor air quality and will create a customizable, user-friendly report showing an analysis by the internal sensors

Environmental Sensor – Reads indoor temperature, relative humidity, and static pressure: Determines if temperature, relative humidity, or building pressure are within the indoor comfort zone as specified by ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 55.

Customizable Reports: Technician can enter prices to complete any repairs (Recommended Solutions)

Export Test Data: Technician can save, print or e-mail




Wireless Transmission Range:  Up to 150 ft (46 m) Direct line of sight

Size/Weight:  5”H (12.7cm), 3.5” (9cm) Dia., [0.65 Lb (0.3 kg)]

Power Cord:  6.6 Ft. (2 m)

USB Power Cord Adapter (AC): Included

Protective Carrying Case: EVA semi-rigid shell, with internal compartments

Agency Approvals: FCC, CE, ICES-003

Warranty: 1 year

Geotag Feature: Time, Date, Location