ABMHBK & ABMHBV SERIES | Home Balancing Valves

CPS Home Balancing Valves

General Details

Traditional airflow balancing devices cannot respond to system changes. Too much ventilation means wasted energy, while too little ventilation leads to poor air quality.

CPS Home Balancing Valves are designed to maintain a constant, accurate airflow volume when installed in residential forced air duct work.

Each Home Balancing Valve has an engineered damper calibrated to automatically adjust to varying pressures, which gives the airflow balancing valves true pressure independence. This leads to greater comfort, saves energy and improves indoor air quality.


  • Eliminates hot/cold areas in your home
  • Provides greater comfort
  • Reduces energy use
  • Improves indoor air quality
  • Easy to set airflow volumes
  • Available in single or 10 pack kit


  • Precise airflow regulation in forced air ventilation
    systems in residential homes
  • Automatic balancing of supply grilles in residential
    forced air heating and cooling systems
  • Any HVAC application with a static pressure between
    0.2 and 2.0 inches w.c.
  • For temperatures ranging from 25º to 150ºF
    (-4º to 65ºC)

For detailed instructions on how to adjust ABMHBK & ABMHBV SERIES balancing valves, click the Documents icon above.