HK5NG | CPS Premium Refrigerant Charging Hoses with SafeMate™ Valves

(3-Pk) 5' R,Y,B, Premium Conversion Hose Set: 1/4" SAE FM Straight x 5/16" FM Valve

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A convenient three-pack of 1/4″ patented 5 ft barrier hoses in red, yellow, and blue for safely and efficiently charging, recovering, and evacuating H/CFC, HFC, HFO, plus R410a, R134a, and R12234yf refrigerants in residential and commercial HVAC/R systems.

HK5NG Includes:

  • Each hose features a patented, “T” shaped, SafeMate™ valve and fitting on one end, and an open, straight fitting on the other.
  • The T-shaped SafeMate™ valve has a screw-down core depressor that activates refrigerant flow after the knurled brass fitting has been fully tightened onto a service port. This protects technicians’ hands from frostbite and prevents refrigerants from escaping into the atmosphere.
  • Once attached, the innovative T SafeMate™ valve swivels above the brass nut so it won’t loosen if a hose is moved during charging, recovery, or evacuation procedures.
  • Barrier Lining- Minimizes refrigerant loss vs. conventional hoses.

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