FX Series (Discontinued) | Refrigerant Management Centers

The new Gold Standard in Refrigerant Management. Quickly and efficiently recover, recycle, and recharge automotive A/C systems with the FX Series of Refrigerant Management Centers.

SKU: FX Series
General Details

FX Series Features:

  • 7” Color touch screen control panel
  • 1-2-5 Warranty
  • Displays maximum load up to 220 lbs. (up to 100 kg)
  • Foam-filled wheels
  • Refrigerant Management System monitors filter life and refrigerant usage
  • Hybrid compatible
  • Patented unique, fast, and complete refrigerant changeover system
  • Supports multiple languages/UOM
  • Quickly access all functions from the main screen
  • ‘Car Health’ Mode enables printing a snap-shot of pressures before and after service
  • Dual handle bars/hose drapes
  • 2/3 HP Oilless compressor designed and built by CPS for high capacity commercial applications
  • Eliminates failure issues due to improper oil filling of traditional compressors
  • Motor-controlled ball valves
  • Opens wider for greater flow
  • Resistant to clogging of debris or sealants

FX Series Specifications:

  • Thermal printer standard on all models
  • Vehicle database (included). Refrigerant and oil charging data
  • 50 lb recovery tank (two with FX3030)
  • Recovery rate = Up to 1 lb/min
  • 6 CFM vacuum pump/ 10 micron rated
  • 3.5” gauges
  • 10’ power cord
  • 115v, 850 W
FX ModelsCertificationRefrigerant
FX134ASAE J2788HR-134a
FX1234SAE J2843R-1234yf
FX3030SAE J3030R-134a & R-1234yf