FA1000B | Recover/ Recycle /Recharge (Discontinued)

Deluxe R134a Recovery/Recycle & Recharge w/8' Hoses & 90 lb.Tank

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General Details

Key Features

  • No assembly required
  • Superior mobility with heavy-duty casters and foam-filled wheels
  • Oil-less twin cylinder compressor
  • Charges High and Low side or both
  • The multi-language interface includes: English, Spanish, French, German, and Chinese
  • Flow control technology enables faster and more accurate recovery, recycling, and recharging
  • SAE J2788 and J2788H compliant per SAE J2911 listing requirements
  • 1-year warranty
This product has been discontinued.



  • Water Capacity: 92.5lb / 42kg
  • DOT Specification: DOT04BA-400
  • Service Pressure: 400PSIG
Replacement Parts
CRX390T90 lb. replacement tank