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EZSMOKE ® allows a technician to use low pressure, non-toxic smoke, with a pleasant lemon scent and UV dye, to quickly locate annoying sewer gas leaks that are often difficult and time-consuming to find in cuts, cracks, fractures, punctures, porosity or unsealed fittings inside or outside residential or commercial buildings.

The core of EZSmoke ®’s convenience is that it uses patented technology to send non-toxic smoke containing a trace dye (UltraTrace UV) through the air (not a liquid) that is contained within pipes, wall cavities, or other forms of enclosed spaces. Any visible smoke immediately provides an indication of a large leak.

However, if smoke alone cannot provide the source of sewer gas odor, technicians can rely on UltraTrace UV, that is carried within the smoke vapor, to pinpoint very small leaks of annoying sewer gas.



Height: 22 in. (56.0 cm)
Width: 13 in. (33.0 cm)
Depth: 9 in. (24.0 cm)
Weight: 30 lb. (13.6 kg)
Ship weight: 63 lb. (28.3 kg)
Power supply: 12-volt DC or 110AC
Power consumption: 220AC – 5 to 15 amps
Supply pressure: 0 – 15 psi.
Supply volume: 0 – 60 CFM
Supply gas: Compressed Air, or any inert gas such as; Nitrogen, Argon, CO2 or Helium
Supply hose: 25 feet (7.6 m)
Power cord: 12 feet (3.6 m)
Remote starter cable: 12 feet (3.6 m



Easy, one person operation

  • Find large leaks by using white light to see smoke
  • Pinpoint exact location of small leaks by using UV light and UltraTrace UV dye.
  • Convenient remote control quickly shuts EZSmoke off from greater distances, next room, rooftops, etc.
  • Use during normal business hours when occupants are present, or away.
  • Non-toxic pleasant lemon scented smoke.
  • Often eliminates the need to tear out floors or walls to locate leaks.
  • Low pressure (5 lbs) within the system)
  • Includes 8 accessories.Simple instructions located on inside case labels.
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