570000 | Vacufill™ Coolant Exchanger Machine

Vacufill Coolant Exchanger

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General Details

The Vacufill™ machine is the most economical coolant exchanger on the market. Perform a built-in leak test in less time than today’s conventional methods.

Vacufill™ Benefits:

  • Connects easily to all engine cooling systems.
  • Tests for leaks while under vacuum.
  • Refills the entire system in seconds while eliminating airlocks.
  • Large 3 gallon new-coolant fill tank.
  • Large 12 gallon waste-coolant reservoir.
570150VacufillTM Radiator Neck Adapter
Replacement Parts
98063000VacufillTM Fill Tank Cover (30″/76.2cm)
98063100VacufillTM Extraction Hose Assembly
98063150VacufillTM Fill Tank Filter
98063300VacufillTM Fill Tank Tube
98063450VacufillTM O’Ring for Refill Tank
98064600VacufillTM Drain Valve
98064750VacufillTM Base Plate
98064950VacufillTM 4″ Wheel Assembly (each)
98066850VacufillTM Vacuum Gauge 2.5″
98071200VacufillTM Ring Stopper (each)
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