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CoolantClean III Coolant Exchange Service Machine

General Details

CoolantClean III

Professional coolant exchange service in just minutes

The MotorVac CoolantClean III exchanges virtually all of the used coolant mixture in a vehicle’s cooling system in a few simple steps. This flush service can increase a shop’s profits by reducing the time it takes to do a complete fluid exchange for approximately 15 minutes. Simply by connecting to the vehicle’s upper radiator hose, the unit will flush virtually all of the old coolant and replace it with the new coolant.

Once connected, the coolant flush unit can be safely used to:
• Relieve system pressure to provide safe, worry-free access to the vehicle’s system.
• Pull down or evacuate the coolant levels in the radiator and overflow tanks, providing a safe connection of
the unit without hot coolant worries.
• Service the cooling systems by exchanging the coolant in the vehicle’s system

It is recommended that vehicles (with conventional type coolant) have their cooling systems serviced (Cooling Exchange Service) every 15,000 to 30,000 miles, or according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Periodic service intervals are recommended to provide proper protection against overheating and breakdown of the coolant’s protective properties. Old coolant can no longer protect against rust or acids that can breakdown metal & aluminum parts in the system.

500-5100PDIncludes Standard Adapter Kit plus De-Gas and Coolant Flow Direction adapters
Part number: 200-8975Part number: 200-8715

MotorVac CoolantClean III Features

  • Static or dynamic fluid exchange
  • One switch, multi-function operation with “closed-loop” mode at the end
    of service
  • Unique “vacuum switch” regulates system depressurization and fluid
  •  Complete flow synchronization maintains a 1-to-1 fluid ratio exchange
  • Front panel controls all machine functions with pressure gauge and
    warning lights
  • Industrial grade radiator hoses and adapters included to service most
  • Dual pump operation (Air diaphragm pump pneumatic)
  •  Manual control ball valves
  •  The pressure is limited to 10 psi – if cap malfunctions, fluid will overflow
    into a reservoir
  • The system now Allows for Both Static and Dynamic Operation
  • New On-Board Waste Tank has a 28 Quart Capacity
  • Easy Service Filter

Recommended Chemical: CC2K

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Model CoolantClean™ III

Input: 12 VDC 8A

Machine Dimensions
Height: 96.5 cm (38”)
Width: 58.4 cm (23”)
Depth: 43 cm (17”)

Carton Dimensions
Height:104 cm (41”)
Width: 61 cm (24”)
Depth: 48 cm (19”)

Shipping Weight: 31.8 kg (70 lbs)
New Fluid Capacity: 24.6 L (26 qt)
Waste Tank Capacity: 26 L (28 qt)
Length of Power Cord: 3 m (10 ft)
Length of Hose: 2.4 m (8 ft)
Warranty: One Year


500-5100PD: Includes Standard Adapter Kit plus De-Gas and Coolant Flow Direction adapters

Please consult the manual under the Documents tab for adapters information.