500-0175 | MotorVac® CoolSmoke® MP | Multi-Pressure Leak Diagnostics System

The MotorVac® Cool Smoke® MP is the next generation of diagnostic leak detection that delivers market-leading reliability with patented “no heat” safety proven Cool Smoke® technology, that produces dense smoke with UV dye across all pressure ranges, and is what sets us apart from the competition.

General Details

CoolSmoke® MP

Multi-Pressure Leak Diagnostics System

The CoolSmoke® MP comes with a generous offering of accessories, including caps, cones, adapters, plugs, UV-enhancing glasses, and a combination of UV/White/ Laser light. It’s also factory filled with CoolSmoke® fluid.

Features and Benefits

  • The CoolSmoke® MP operates on 12 to 24 VDC, is not polarity sensitive, and draws minimal current. Smoke is produced without heat, making it safer, more reliable, and more energy efficient than competitive models.
  • The CoolSmoke® MP delivers dense smoke with UV dye across its entire operating range of 0.5 PSI in EVAP mode/ 3-60 in HP mode, unlike competitive products that must reduce smoke output at higher pressures due to limitations in their technologies.
  • UV dye is critical in high-pressure leak detection providing the operator with an effective way to identify the leaks and their exact sources.
  • Measures pressure decay, leak sizes, and flow rates accurately over the entire pressure range due to high precision sensors and electronic controls that aren’t possible with mechanical gauges.
  • Advanced 3.5” multi-color display with integrated software and Bluetooth® capabilities for future functional expansion.
  • The lightweight product design makes the CoolSmoke® MP portable and easy to handle.
  • Customer configurable settings include multiple languages and units of measure.
  • Multiple adapter configurations ensure the ability to connect to any automotive induction system component.
ModelCool Smoke® MP
Unit Dimensions (LxWxH): 18”x11”x13” (46cm x 28cm x 33cm)
Weight (equipment)10.7lbs (4.85kg)
DescriptionCool Smoke® MP – Multi-Pressure Leak Diagnostic System
Carton Dimensions(LxWxH): 21”x15.1”x22” (53.34cm x 38.35cm x 55.88cm)
Carton Weight11.06 kg (24.4 lbs)
Cartons per pallet (NA)8
Cartons per pallet (EU)8
200-1801Smoke Output Hose Cool Smoke® MP
 200-1802Dipstick Cool Smoke MP
200-1803Smoke Solenoid Cool Smoke MP
 200-1804Pressure Solenoid Cool Smoke® MP
 200-1805PCB Cool Smoke® MP
200-1836Power Harness Cool Smoke® MP
 200-0175MotorVac® Cool Smoke® MP Light Kit

Cool Smoke® machines come factory filled with Cool Smoke® Fluid. To refill your units, order 400-1054 Cool Smoke® Replacement Fluid.

Included AccessoriesPart No
Exhaust conesWVA-001
Bladder plugWVA-096
Service port adapter060-0005
Yellow glasses471112
Smoke diffuserWVA-003
Evap safety block
& smoke hose
UV/White/Laser light
(batteries included)
Universal adapterWVA-063
Plug vent040-5813
Universal adapterWVA-063
Schrader removal060-0008
Cap plug kit200-3110

Optional Accessory:

The optional add-on accessory Cool Smoke HP Turbo Adapter Kit Part# 200-0150 includes plugs, hoses, clamps, lights, and glasses.