400-1045 | MotorVac SteerClean 2-Step Kit

General Details

Why Service Your Power Steering System?

  • Power steering fluid degrades as it is exposed to heat
  • The power steering system can become noisy and stiff while the fluid loses lubricity potentially causing metal to metal wear

The MotorVac Solution

SteerClean SCK1000 kits improve the operation of the steering system and extends its life.

Step 1 SteerClean Power Steering Flush Detergent

  • Removes varnish and sludge deposits to increase fluid circulation and extend component life. Promotes a better fluid exchange.

Step 2 SteerClean Power Steering Fluid Conditioner

  • Protects against wear and noise
  • Helps keep the system clean after a service
  • Conditions seals to prevent potential leak