400-0050 | MotorVac CarbonClean MV5 Pressurized Fuel System Cleaner

MotorVac CarbonClean MV-5 (17 oz)

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General Details

Why Clean the Fuel System and Combustion Chamber?

  • Fuel injectors, intake valves and combustion chambers are adversely affected by the build-up of un-burnt fuel and contaminants
  • These can affect the drivability and fuel economy of your customer’s vehicle

The MotorVac Solution

  • Super concentrated detergent package rapidly cleans fuel system including injectors and intake valves
  • Exclusive Hydrobond Technology uses proprietary chemistry to “steam clean” combustion chamber deposits
  • This clean burn technology revitalizes performance and restores fuel economy
  • Works exclusively with our CarbonClean 1000 machine (500-0220) to provide the tune-up for the 21st century®!