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A/C ExtenDye Cartridge (0.25 oz/7.5mL)

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Designed for use with our winged cartridge injection systems. A/C ExtenDye™ is enhanced with an additive package that extends the life and improves the efficiency of the A/C system.  A/C ExtenDye is a super-concentrated UV dye that includes a friction modifier to increase lubricity of the compressor oil, improving efficiency (friction coefficient) by over 50% improving fuel economy.  It also includes an anti-additive which creates a film that prevents contact between metal parts; reducing friction and heat, thereby extending component life; plus it includes an antioxidant to stop the oxidation process, reducing acidity and prolonging oil life.

Services a single vehicle.


  • A/C ExtenDye Winged Cartridge (0.25 oz/7.5mL)
  • Standard pack of six (6) cartridges
  • SAE-J2297 Certified Dye
  • Service Stickers

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