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The MAXXAIR series refrigerant recovery, recycling, and recharging machine is designed for the future of automotive A/C. The MAXXAIR series is compatible with both electric and engine-driven compressors.

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Your Productivity and Profitability

The removable tank ensures scale accuracy during transport. In addition, these units are fully upgradable to 50lb capacity for larger Heavy-Duty systems and feature the industry's best warranty.


This latest innovation from CPS offers maximum performance with its MAXXAIR Series Refrigerant Management Centers that quickly and effectively recover, recycle and recharge automotive A/C systems.

Heavy Duty Construction

Durable ABS and water resistant plastic housing.

Patented Motor Control Valves

A high-capacity compressor reduces the need for a vehicle’s compressor in completing the charge.

10" Foam Filled Tires

Never flat, maintenance-free, and easy to move.

Removable tank for transport

Eliminates the need for scale locks.

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