Plugin and set the baseline


Eight air quality factors


CPSLink app to view results


Reimagined by Pros

IAQPRO is a lightweight meter with independent sensors that test indoor air quality. The device is easy for HVAC to use; it connects with CPSLink App to track harmful air pollutants in any room.



IAQ Reporting Solution

The CPSLink app provides accurate data and recommends actionable solutions from duct cleaning to new air filter systems.  In addition, the built-in quoting feature makes it easy to generate customizable reports.

Clear The Air

As a pro, you know that too much pollen, bacteria, or mold inside your home can aggravate respiratory symptoms or cause allergic reactions for anyone prone to them.

See the invisible

IAQPRO™ detects nine air quality factors

Visualize Indoor Air Quality Threat Level


What are the solutions?

Help your customers improve their indoor air quality.You can show your customers the cause of their most common problems IAQPRO™ detects nine air quality factors and help you provide them with solutions during one service call.

What does IAQ mean?

Indoor air quality.

How does the IAQPRO work?

The sensors within IAQPRO detect indoor air quality and sends the data to the CPSLink app. First, the app interprets the reading on a graphical interface and sets appropriate limits. Next, the app shows you the reading and the contaminants’ threat level. Now you can create a report to your customer explaining the details and showing solutions that will generate additional income for you.

Indoor Air Quality
Testing Made Simple

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