Temperature Tools

Ensure you have the right tools to get the job done. Find high-quality digital temperature tools and equipment from CPS Products. Browse our selection below:

TMAPC | Analog Pocket Thermometer (Discontinued)

Analog Pocket Thermometer (-10 to 100˚C)

TMINI12 | Infrared Thermometer


TMX2A Air Probe | Moving Air Probe

Moving Air Probe, with 15’ lead for ducting, registers, air movement across condensers, ambient air.

TMX2G | General Purpose Probe

General Purpose Probe, with 15’ lead for air, surface, and liquids: Copper pipe, ambient air, RH wet sock method.

TMX2GA | General Purpose Air Probe

General Purpose Air Probe, with 15’ lead used for air, surface, and liquids.

TMX2P | Puncture Probe

Puncture Probe, with 15’ lead used for surface & liquids (Shaft Only): Internal temperatures of frozen materials and air ducts

TMX2RH | Relative Humidity / Dewpoint Probe

Relative Humidity / Dewpoint Probe used to measure indoor air quality, set/troubleshoot humidity devices