Sparkless Recovery Machines

Be R-32 Ready with our series of sparkless refrigerant recovery machines.

Built with an ignition proof design especially for Class A1, A2, A3 refrigerants. All sparkless models are designed and tested to meet ANSI 12:12.01 Ignition Proof standards with ignition-proof power switch, sealed start relays and hard wired power cords.

TRS600 Series | Sparkless Ignition Proof Recovery Machine

Pro-Set TRS600 Series is the undisputed hands-down leader for fastest recovery of R410a, and fastest overall for R22, R134a and R407c.

TRS19 Series | Tech-Set™ Sparkless Ignition Proof Refrigerant Recovery Machine

Tech-Set Oilless Refrigerant Recovery Machine TRS19 Series 2 cylinder sparkless

Recovery Machines

TR700 Series | Refrigerant Recovery Machine

BLACKMAX Refrigerant Recovery Machine

TR21 Series | Pro-Set® Refrigerant Recovery Machine

TR21 Series 1 HP ,two cylinder oilless compressor

TR19 Series | Tech-Set™ Refrigerant Recovery Machine

Tech-Set Refrigerant Recovery Machines | TR19 Series 1/2 HP, 2 Cylinder oiless compressor