CUTTERS Ergonomic tools for cutting, forming and bending

Tube Cutters

Get the job done right with precise and high-quality tube cutters from CPS Products. Browse our selection below:

TCSET | Tech-Set™ Combo Cutter Pack

Combo Pack (1) TC127 & (1) TC274

TCT127 Heavy Duty Series Mini Tube Cutter | Pro-Set® Tight Space Tubing Cutter

Pro-Set® Tight Space Tube Cutter 1/8" to 5/8" O.D. (4mm to 15mm O.D.) tubing

TCT174 | Pro-Set Heavy Duty Tube Cutter

Pro-Set® Tube Cutter 1/8" to 1 1/8" O.D. (4mm to 18mm O.D.) tubing

TCT206 | Pro-Set Heavy Duty Sliding Tube Cutter

Pro-Set® Sliding Tube Cutter 1/4" to 2 5/8" O.D. (10 to 66mm O.D.) tubing

BTC100 | Ultra Mini Tube Cutter

Ultra Mini Tube Cutter:1/8" (4 mm) to 5/8" (16 mm)