5-2-1 Compressor Saver (Hard Start Kit)

The compressor on your air conditioner consumes more power on start-up than other device in your home! The 5-2-1 Compressor Saver (hard start kit) significantly reduces the amount of time it takes for your air conditioner to start – SAVING YOUR MONEY AND PROTECTING YOUR EQUIPMENT.

Your air conditioner uses anywhere from 5 to 10 times more power on start-up than it does while running. With this burst of power comes a surge of heat that accompanies the electrical current. This heat damages the compressor, the terminals, the windings and run capacitor – all vital components of your air conditioner.

The 5-2-1 Compressor Saver® protects these components by significantly reducing the amount of time it takes for your compressor to start – in some cases up to 50%. This means your air conditioner and compressor will bear – the stress, strain and heat each and every time it starts. Considering that your air conditioner may start up more than 6,000 times in a single cooling season, the positive impact that the 5-2-1 Compressor Saver® has on your air conditioner is significant.