Do more with A/C ExtenDye!

ONTARIO, CANADA – January 9, 2014-  A/C ExtenDye™ is the first of it’s kind: a super-concentrated A/C dye with an enhanced additive package that boosts performance and increases the longevity of the A/C system. 

Not only does A/C ExtenDye™ fluoresce brighter than the competition, but we’ve taken it to the next level by adding an enhanced additive package that protects and extends the life of the compressor, its components, and the oil. All of this is accomplished at the same dosage of regular dye. A/C Extendye is SAE J2297 certified, hybrid safe, and is 100% solvent free. Do more with your Dye. Switch to A/C ExtenDye and see the difference!

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