Why use the MotorVac SteerClean System?

SteerClean is designed to exchange virtually all of a vehicle’s power steering fluid in just 5 minutes with a few simple steps. The SteerClean service can increase a shop’s profits by reducing the time it takes to do a complete exchange and simplifies the process for the technician. This new turnkey PSF service center is easy to use with a one-touch control and provides a highly effective service for all automotive vehicles.

The SteerClean System will ensure that you are conducting the best service possible.

Friction and heat in the power steering system causes oxidation that breaks down the fluid and its lubricating ability. This can accelerate wear in the pump, valves and gears and result in expensive repairs. Debris and contaminants in the power steering system can cause the valves and other components to stick, dry and worn out seals can lead to leaks, and foaming can lead to vibration in the system, all creating difficult steering and problems in the system. The SteerClean Service will improve the operation of the steering system and extend its life.

How the MotorVac SteerClean System Works

The SteerClean flush process allows a complete and efficient approach to conducting a thorough PSF exchange and conditioning service. It facilitates a “one-man” operation. The technician will need to add the detergent flush solution into the machine. Once this is done, start the car and insert the wand into the power steering reservoir of the vehicle, press the Start switch and the SteerClean machine does a complete flush. Add new power steering fluid and conditioner to the machine and repeat the same process. Remove the machine’s wand, check the fluid level and tighten the cap to finish the service. The SteerClean is very user-friendly, portable and operates with 12-volt DC power. Its quality castors provide excellent maneuverability and the extra long wand hose allows for better accessibility to the machine and its controls. The roto-molded cabinet is easy to keep clean and will not damage the vehicle.