Efficiently replace virtually 100% of dirty transmission fluid with simple “One Touch” electronic control for ease of use. Easily connect to cooler lines or dipstick depending on the maintenance situation.

500-1100B | MotorVac TransTech III+ Transmission Fluid Exchanger Machine

TransTech III+ Inline Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchange System

500-1125B | MotorVac TransTech IV+ Transmission Flush Machine

TransTech IV Inline and Dipstick Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchange System

200-0065 | MotorVac TransTech TransTech Injector for Inline Applications

In-line t-adapter used with the transmission chemical service kits.

SteerClean is designed to exchange virtually all of a vehicle’s power steering fluid in just 5 minutes with a few simple steps. The SteerClean service can increase a shop’s profits by reducing the time it takes to do a complete exchange and simplifies the process for the technician. This new turnkey PSF service center is easy to use with a one-touch control and provides a highly effective service for all automotive vehicles.

Perform a complete coolant exchange in less than 15 minutes! Designed to service most automotive applications by exchanging virtually all of the coolant in the vehicle’s cooling system, connections to the vehicle are achieved with the supplied adaptors that install in-line between the vehicle’s radiator & upper radiator hose.

The Diff-Vac is easy to operate and does not require disconnection of lines or hoses. For use as a multi-fluid evacuation machine, the Diff-Vac can also be used to extract or exchange differential, engine, transmission, power steering, coolant and transfer case fluids, too!

Complete a full brake system flush in 10 minutes with BrakeVac II. A simple, user-friendly and efficient way to flush and bleed today’s high-tech brake systems.

500-8100 | MotorVac BrakeVac™ II (Brake Bleeder Machine)

BrakeVac II, Premium Brake Fluid Flush System