EGR, Emissions and Diesel Intake

Why use the DieselTune Emissions and Intake Cleaning System?

EGR Systems can become clogged with carbon deposits that affect fuel economy and performance of a diesel vehicle. The DieselTune EGR Cleaning Tool applies the powerful DieselTune EGR System Cleaner (Part# 400-0280), into the circuit. For most applications the exhaust side of the EGR is serviced, then the intake side. This cleaner rapidly dissolves the deposits, eliminating the issues commonly associated with plugged EGRs. By adding our DieselTune Max Strength Fuel Injector Cleaner (Part# 400-3012) you clean the pump and injectors completing the full diesel fuel service.

500-0170 | MotorVac DieselTune™ EGR Cleaning Tool

DieselTune™ EGR Cleaning Tool for Diesel EGR System Cleaning on intake and exhaust sides of EGR valve and cooler.


MotorVac P/NDescriptionImage
069-3380EGR E380 FORD 6.0L Valve Adapter (VT385 Bus)069-3380
069-3381EGR E381 M14X1.5 Sensor Port Adapter069-3381
069-3382EGR E382 M12X1.25 Sensor Port Adapter069-3382
069-3383EGR E383 PRESSURE Sensor Port Adapter069-3383
069-3384EGR E384 0.40" DIA. Sensor Port Adapter069-3384
069-3385EGR E385 MANUAL OPENER Adapter069-3385
069-3387EGR E387 M10X1.25 Sensor Port Adapter069-3387
069-3388EGR E388 MERCEDES SPRINTER Adapter069-3388
069-3389EGR S-Tool069-3389
069-3390EGR E391 M14 X 1.5 Port Adapter069-3390
069-3391EGR Adapter M12 x 1.5069-3391
069-3393EGR Adapter M10 x 1.25069-3393
069-3394EGR Adapter M8 x 1.0069-3381
069-3395EGR Hose Assembly with 1/8 NPT Fitting069-3395
069-3396EGR Adapter M16 x 1.5069-3396
069-3397EGR Adapter M18 x 1.5069-3397
069-3399EGR Manifold069-3399
EGR E460 Valve Adapter for MaxxForce 10 (available March 8th 2017)
069-3502EGR E502 1.75 Exhaust Adapter069-3502
069-3503EGR E503 1.375" ID HOSE W/ CLAMP Intake Adapter069-3503
069-3504EGR E504 1.5" DIA. FLANGE Intake Adapter069-3504
EGR E505 MERCEDES 3.0L 2012 Intake Adapter069-3381
EGR E506 OVAL 2 SLOT Exhaust Adapter069-3381
EGR E519 1.71" DIA. EGR Valve Adapter069-3381
EGR E520 1.3" DIA. FLANGE 2 WAY Adapter069-3381
EGR E527 FLANGE 2.31" Bolt Center Intake Adapter069-3381
069-3528EGR E528 Flange 2.31'' Bolt Center Exhaust Adapter069-3528
069-3531EGR E531 Flange 2.84" Bolt Center Intake Adapter069-3531
069-3532EGR E532 Flange 2.06" Bolt Center Exhaust Adapter069-3532
069-3535EGR E535 M12X1.5 Sensor Port Adapter069-3535
069-3560EGR E560 BMW N47/N57 Valve Adapter069-3560
069-3565EGR E565 VW BRM Valve Adapter069-3565
069-3571EGR E571 1.60'' I.D. Hose Intake Adapter069-3571
069-3572EGR E572 Round 2.0" Exhaust Adapter069-3572
069-3576EGR E576 Flange 2.64'' Bolt Center Intake Adapter069-3576
069-3577EGR E577 Flange 2.64" Bolt Center Exhaust Adapter069-3577
069-3581EGR E577 Flange 2.64" Bolt Center Exhaust Adapter069-3581
069-3591 EGR E591 Flange 2.0" Tri-Bolt Center Intake Adapter069-3591
069-3592 EGR E592 Round 1.58" Inside Exhaust Adapter069-3592
069-3621 EGR E621 2.38" I.D. Hose Intake Adapter069-3621
069-3622 EGR E622 Flange 4.30" Bolt Center Exhaust Adapter069-3622
069-3627EGR E627 OVAL 2 HOLE Exhaust Adapter069-3627
069-3628 EGR E628 Flange 3.08" Bolt Center Intake Adapter069-3628
069-3631EGR E631 Round 5 HOLE Intake Adapter069-3631
069-3636EGR E636 Round Intake Adapter069-3636
069-3637EGR E637 Round Exhaust Adapter069-3637
069-3638 EGR E638 1.25" I.D. Hose Intake Adapter069-3638
069-3639 EGR EGR E639 1.25" I.D. Hose Exhaust Adapter069-3639
069-3641 EGR E641 2.25" I.D. Hose Intake Adapter069-3641
069-3642EGR E642 Round Exhaust Adapter069-3642
069-3645E645 EGR MAXXFORCE7 6.4L Port Adapter or E381069-3645
069-3651EGR E651 Round Intake Adapter069-3651
069-3655EGR E655 Hose Intake Adapter
069-3656EGR E656 3 HOLES IRR TRAP Intake Adapter069-3656
069-3657EGR E657 Round PLUG Exhaust Adapter069-3657
069-3676 EGR E676 Flange 2.64" Bolt Center Intake Adapter069-3676
069-3677 EGR E677 Flange 2.18-2.92" Quad-Bolt Center Exhaust Adapter069-3677
069-3683EGR E683 SQ 4 HOLE Exhaust Adapter069-3683
069-3684EGR E684 OCT 2 HOLE Intake Adapter069-3684
069-3686 EGR E686 Round 3.12" Intake AdapterN/A
069-3692EGR E692 SQUARE 4 HOLE Intake Adapter069-3692
98821298EGR Accessory Kit: Used in MERCEDES MBE4000N/A
98821299EGR Accessory Kit: Used in CUMMINS ISC 8.3LN/A
98821309EGR Accessory Kit: Used in the Ford VT365 (6L) Diesel Bus EngineN/A
98821336EGR Accessory Kit: Used in the Cummins ISLN/A