Diesel Tune

Everything you need to perform a complete diesel system service including heavy-duty truck applications.

DieselTune is a 2-line cleaning system that connects to the engine through adapters, passing a concentrated mixture of MotorVac cleaning detergent and diesel fuel through the components of the fuel system while the engine is running. The system removes organic and inorganic fuel deposits that build up in fuel injector, injection pumps and combustion chambers. Carbon, gum and varnish in the entire upper engine are dissolved and removed during combustion, then passed harmlessly out of the exhaust.

500-4006P | MotorVac DieselTune™ 4000

DieselTune Professional Fuel System Service for Diesel Engines

MotorVac MV3D Diesel Fuel Detergent | DieselTune™ 400-0010

CarbonClean MV3D Industrial Diesel Tune Detergent