Diagnostic Smoke® The next generation of diagnostic leak detection for forced induction gasoline and diesel engines. Delivers dense smoke across 3-60 psi operating range Advanced 3.5 inch multicolor digital LCD display, integrated software and Bluetooth® capability. Smoke is produced without heat, making it safe, reliable and energy efficient. Multiple languages and units of measure. Connect to any automotive induction system component

Low Pressure (EVAP)

WV605 | Vacutec® Diagnostic Smoke® Machine

The Vacutec® WV605 Diagnostic Smoke® Machine is an advanced leak detection device for finding low-pressure leaks with smoke and UltraTraceUV®. The unit features a highly-accurate flow meter that measures leak size. OEM-approved.

WV604 | Vacutec® Diagnostic Smoke® Machine

The Vacutec® WV604 Diagnostic Smoke® Machine is an simple leak detection device for finding leaks with smoke and UltraTraceUV®. One-button operation for EVAP and general purpose use. OEM-approved technology.

GLD-40 | Smoke Wizard® Diagnostic Smoke® Check Machine (OEM EVAP)

The advanced Smoke Wizard® GLD40 combines pressure and vacuum leak measurement for Evaporative Emission (EVAP) and general purpose leak detection in a compact design. Uses automotive system safe, OEM-approved UltraTraceUV®.

GLD-50 | Smoke Wizard® Diagnostic Smoke® Machine

The Smoke Wizard® GLD-50 is smaller, lighter, and more portable than most any smoke machine on the market. Perfect for when all that's needed is smoke and dye leak detection. Uses automotive system safe, OEM-approved UltraTraceUV®.

500-0100 | MotorVac® CoolSmoke EVAP Smoke Machine

The MotorVac® Cool Smoke machine features dual-mode leak detection: test for leaks with or without smoke at the push of a button. Pressure and vacuum leak diagnostics with instant smoke vapor with UV enhanced dye. Test Evaporative Emissions (EVAP) systems and more.

High Pressure (Turbo)

WV711 | Vacutec® Smart Pressure® Heavy Duty Smoke Machine

The Vacutec® Smart Pressure® Diagnostic Smoke® Machine is designed exclusively for high-pressure turbo system leak detection and heavy-duty applications. Features award-winning, OEM-approved technology. Wireless remote included.

Smoke Solution

CE0716UV | UltraTraceUV® Fluorescent Smoke Solution

Non-contaminating, OEM-approved UltraTraceUV Smoke Solution uses patented formula to pin-point leaks faster than any other leak detection smoke fluid.

400-1054 | MotorVac® CoolSmoke Smoke-Producing Fluid

CoolSmoke Fluid with UV Dye pin-points leaks faster and more accurately than non-dye methods. Designed for use with the MotorVac Cool Smoke System.  Automotive system safe and environmentally friendly.

Smoke Machine Accessories

GLD052 | Pop-it Capless Fuel Neck Adapter

The award-winning Pop-it Capless Adapter fits new double-door capless fuel necks. Simply pop it on, twist to seal and connect any Diagnostic Smoke® Machine or leak detection device.

GLD034 | Pop-it® Universal Fuel Cap Adapter

The reusable Smoke Wizard Pop-it Universal Fuel Cap Adapter does away with the cost and waste of disposable seals. Made of a fuel-resistant substrate, it won’t crack or breakdown.