Low Pressure (EVAP)

WV605 | Vacutec® Diagnostic Smoke® Machine

The Vacutec® WV605 Diagnostic Smoke® Machine is an advanced leak detection device for finding low-pressure leaks with smoke and UltraTraceUV®. The unit features a highly-accurate flow meter that measures leak size. OEM-approved.

WV604 | Vacutec® Diagnostic Smoke® Machine

The Vacutec® WV604 Diagnostic Smoke® Machine is an simple leak detection device for finding leaks with smoke and UltraTraceUV®. One-button operation for EVAP and general purpose use. OEM-approved technology.

GLD-40 | Smoke Wizard® Diagnostic Smoke® Check Machine (OEM EVAP) (Discontinued)

The advanced Smoke Wizard® GLD40 combines pressure and vacuum leak measurement for Evaporative Emission (EVAP) and general purpose leak detection in a compact design. Uses automotive system safe, OEM-approved UltraTraceUV®.

GLD-50 | Smoke Wizard® Diagnostic Smoke® Machine

The Smoke Wizard® GLD-50 is smaller, lighter, and more portable than most any smoke machine on the market. Perfect for when all that's needed is smoke and dye leak detection. Uses automotive system safe, OEM-approved UltraTraceUV®.

500-0100 | MotorVac® CoolSmoke EVAP Smoke Machine

The MotorVac® Cool Smoke machine features dual-mode leak detection: test for leaks with or without smoke at the push of a button. Pressure and vacuum leak diagnostics with instant smoke vapor with UV enhanced dye. Test Evaporative Emissions (EVAP) systems and more.

High Pressure (Turbo)

WV711 | Vacutec® Smart Pressure® Heavy Duty Smoke Machine

The Vacutec® Smart Pressure® Diagnostic Smoke® Machine is designed exclusively for high-pressure turbo system leak detection and heavy-duty applications. Features award-winning, OEM-approved technology. Wireless remote included.

500-0150 | MotorVac® CoolSmoke® HP High-Pressure Smoke Machine

The Cool Smoke HP is the best High Pressure Smoke Machine for turbo gasoline and diesel leak detection. Delivers densest smoke vapor across the highest pressure range on the market (3-60 psi). Works with Android® or Apple® mobile devices.

Smoke Solution

CE0716UV | UltraTraceUV® Fluorescent Smoke Solution

Non-contaminating, OEM-approved UltraTraceUV Smoke Solution uses patented formula to pin-point leaks faster than any other leak detection smoke fluid.

400-1054 | MotorVac® CoolSmoke Smoke-Producing Fluid

CoolSmoke Fluid with UV Dye pin-points leaks faster and more accurately than non-dye methods. Designed for use with the MotorVac Cool Smoke System.  Automotive system safe and environmentally friendly.

Smoke Machine Accessories

GLD052 | Pop-it Capless Fuel Tank Neck Adapter

The award-winning Pop-it Capless Adapter fits new double-door capless fuel necks. Simply pop it on, twist to seal and connect any Diagnostic Smoke® Machine or leak detection device.

GLD034 | Pop-it® Universal Fuel Cap Adapter

The reusable Smoke Wizard Pop-it Universal Fuel Cap Adapter does away with the cost and waste of disposable seals. Made of a fuel-resistant substrate, it won’t crack or breakdown.