CarSmart AC Inspector Awarded
Top 20 Tools by Motor Magazine

In only 2 minutes, the TOP TEN TOOLS award-winning CPS CarSmart Inspector ,allows you to now be able to add A/C system performance to your routine maintenance checklist.  This quick and easy inspector provides accurate, non-invasive A/C system performance analysis and can be performed by a service advisor or junior technician in just two minutes.


Until now the problem has been that conducting accurate A/C performance inspections requires too much time and a qualified technician to add it as a routine pre-service vehicle inspection. The CarSmart Inspector solves this problem by indicating whether the A/C system is operating within OEM specification by comparing outside humidity and temperature to that coming from the A/C Vent.

This award-winning tool allows you to accurately measure and record both the temperature and the relative humidity using two colored sensors that attach in seconds.  The blue sensor is attached to the center cabin vent and the red sensor attaches to the front grille near the condenser.  The results are displayed on any smart device by using the CPS CarSmart App.  This app provides on-screen guidance and can be exported to CSV or PDF.  You are then able to create the job information complete with customer name and repair order.

Providing customers with professional onscreen or printed reports helps to promote A/C service, such as a system charge or repair while giving the vehicle owner the peace of mind in the knowledge that it is a necessary service.  The CarSmart A/C Inspector can also save customers money by identifying an issue such as a low refrigerant charge before it becomes an expensive repair.

The TACI100 includes a carrying case with color-coded automotive psychrometers.  The TACI110 technology pack includes a padded carrying case with a CPS Mechanics 7” ruggedized tablet, as well as the sensors.