Item Description:

The effects of high ambient temperatures and elevated tank pressures on the recovery process are well known. As the temperature / pressure of the recovery cylinder increases, the speed of the recovery process decreases until it is finally halted by a high pressure shut down.

The Pro-Set® MT69 Molecular Transformator provides valuable assistance in the transformation of high temperature / pressure vapor refrigerant into low temperature / pressure liquid refrigerant, dramatically improving recovery speed and efficiency.

The Molecular Transformator is a patent pending "Innovation in Design™" from CPS, intended for use with all commercially available brands of refrigerant recovery equipment. It is extremely easy to use, saves time and money and provides the missing link in high ambient performance that exists in all commercially available recovery machines on the market today.

Item Specifications:

Dimensions: 4" D x 12" H

Weight: 5 lbs

Heat Sink Temperature:
100° F

Maximum Operation Pressure: 500 PSIG

Discharge Pressure Gauge: 0 to 600 PSIG

Inlet / Outlet: 1/4" SAE Male


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Fastest, Smallest, Lightest, Best looking and Most reliable heavy duty recovery machine in the world. Revolutionary "vacuum pump" style design. Designed and Manufactured in the USA

Refrigerant Usage


  • Compressor Type:  2 Cylinder Oil-less Reciprocating Compressor
  • Dimensions:  6” x 12” x 9” (15 cm x 30 cm x 23 cm)
  • Weight:  24.3 lb
  • Operating Temperature Range:  0˚C (32˚F) to 49˚C (120˚F)
  • Power Source:  115V 60 Hz
  • Power Consumption:  1000 W
  • Filtration:  Cleanable 100 - mesh screen integrated into Suction Port
  • Overload Protection:  European model only
  • High Pressure Shut-Off:  550 psig (Auto Reset)
  • Refrigerants:
    ARI740 Class III - R-12, R-134a, R-401C, R-406A, R-500, R-1234yf/ze
    ARI740 Class IV - R-22, R-401A/B, R-402B, R-407C/D/E/F, R408A,
    R-409A, R-411A/B, R-412A, R-502, R-509A
    ARI740 Class V - R-32, R-402A, R-404A, R-407A/B, R-410A/B, R-507A
  • Agency Approvals:  UL, CE, CSA, TUV


  • • Maintenance free oil-less compressor design
  • • Aesthetically unique industrial type styling
  • • Precision machined from aluminum and steel components
  • • Permanently lubricated and sealed main bearings
  • • Improved piston seal design for less leakage and deeper vacuums
  • • 550 psig high pressure cutoff switch with LED indicator
  • • Cleanable 100 mesh inlet filter
  • • Weighs less than 25 lbs.
  • • Fastest recovery rates in its class
  • • Patent pending cooling system design improves compressor longevity
  • • Patent pending suction and discharge valve design for faster recovery
  • • Patent pending crankshaft design for improved reliability
  • • Patent pending head design for superior performance



Pro-Set® Open Shell Stainless Steel Coiled Heat Exchanger

The MT69SS is a submersible stainless steel coiled tube heat exchanger. MT69SS can be used as either a condenser or a sub-cooler to significantly reduce temperature and pressure from recovered refrigerant or condensable gases in a permanently installed recovery system. The stainless steel tube construction allows the device to be used where contaminants are of concern.
As the ambient temperature increases, the pressure in the recovery cylinder increases, significantly reducing the recovery speed and in many cases can lead to a high pressure shutdown as the recovery equipment and tank pressure limits are reached. The MT69SS dramatically improves recovery speed and high ambient temperature performance on all commercially available major brand recovery machines also extending the life of the equipment.
It is extremely easy to use, saves time and money and provides the missing link in high ambient performance that exists in all commercially available recovery machines on the market today. MADE IN USA

Item Specifications:

Dimensions:  4" D x 12" H
Weight:  5 lbs
Heat Sink Temperature:  100° F
Maximum Operation Pressure:  800 PSIG
Burst Pressure:  4000 PSIG
Inlet / Outlet:  1/4" SAE 45D flare fittings, 304SS
Heat Exchanger:  Equivalent of 18' of 1/4 OD 304SS tubing
Unit Housing:  Clear anodized T6061 aluminum vented shell with painted die-cast aluminum end plates

Condenser / Sub-Cooler Setup

  • 1. Connect the DISCHARGE of the compressor or recovery machine to the MT69SS IN fitting.
  • 2. Connect the OUT fitting of the MT69SS to storage tank.
  • 3. Once the connections are proven to be leak free, immerse the MT69SS in a container of cold water (ice water for maximum performance). The water container can be a fixed amount. But the water temperature will rise as the recovery process progresses.

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