Moonshine Prefilled/ Disposable Refrigerant Dye Capsules

Use our concentrated UV dye with ultra-flourescing flashlight to perform a fast, easy, mess-free leakdown test.

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General Details

Moonshine™ Prefilled/ Disposable Refrigerant Dye Capsules and Cartridges

  • Universal OEM approved dye formula
  • Cleanest, easiest and fastest method of injection
  • No refrigerant to inject dye
  • 4 sizes to match capacity of system
  • Eliminate air entering system
  • Eliminates over-injection of dye
  • All dyes include I.D. labels
  • All MoonShine dye meets SAE J2297 standard.
AC System Size For Refrigerant Charge Size Refrigerant Oil MoonShine Refrigerant Dye Capsule (Qty. 6)
SMALL Ice machines, window AC units, autos, refrigerators Up to 2.9 lbs.
(1.3 kg)
Up to 15 oz
(.44 L)
MEDIUM Residential systems 3 to 4.9 lbs.
(1.4 to 2.2 kg)
16 oz to 1.6 qt.
(.45 to 1.8 L)
MEDIUM-LARGE Light commercial and large residential systems 5 to 9.9 lbs.
(2.3 to 4.5 kg)
1.7qt. to 3.2 qt.
(1.9 to 3.7 L)
LARGE Commercial and light industrial, including all split systems 10 to 25 lbs.
(4.6 to 11.4 kg)
3.3 qt. to 2 gal.
(3.8 to 9.1 L)