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The American Dream

CPS is a story about the American Dream. It's about a team of quality professionals who have grown to become the best in the business. A team that believes the principles of commitment, determination and hard work are the ingredients of success. We believe in winning the old fashioned way, without compromising our honor and integrity. We like what we do and we're good at it. We try to do things right, even though no one may notice. We're proud of our company and our accomplishments

About our Sales and Distribution

CPS has built a sales and distribution network with wholly owned global subsidiary locations. To deliver new products to market quickly; also allowing efficiency in our after sales product support, training and service. All locations are staffed with direct CPS employees, to guarantee the latest product information is accurate and accessible to properly support our global customers.

About our Manufacturing

There's a distinction of significance between a company that sells products "Manufactured in the USA" and a company that sells products that are "Designed and Manufactured in Our Factory in the USA". CPS actually manufactures most of what we design at our 100,000 square foot manufacturing facility located in Hialeah, Florida. We're one of only a few true manufacturers left in the business. Our manufacturing strategy is to make the critical parts and components in house to ensure their quality and to outsource the non critical "commodity" items.
Over the years we have invested in the tools, equipment, technology and people to manufacture both hi tech electronic products as well as precision machined mechanical products and everything in between. Our factory is fully equipped to produce anything from SMT electronic circuit boards to high precision mechanical parts requiring multi axis CNC machining centers. We know what we're doing and have the tools to do it.

About our Design Team

Our design team has grown to 8 engineers with a cumulative total of approximately 200 years of design experience in the fields of Electrical, Electronic, Instrumentation, Mechanical, Thermodynamics, Hard Knocks and Get it Done disciplines. We're committed to the notion of being the best.

About Innovation

In these times of globalization and foreign competition, nothing is more important than the ability of a company to Imagine and to Innovate. No other company in our industry has a better record of Innovation than CPS. It's who we are, it's in our blood and it's the only reason we've managed to consistently stay ahead of our competition. We invite you to browse our website and see for yourself. Take a close look at our new E_MOS® Leak-Seeker® technology with the best sensitivity in the business, our new Pro-Set® twin cylinder recovery machines and our new expandable Compute-A-Charge® charging scales. And don't forget to look at the industries first commercially available "Molecular Transformator". These are just a few of the Innovations in Design you'll find as you become more familiar with our products and our company. There's much more…Enjoy!

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