TLVC810 | 4-way Core Remover and Installer

4-way 1/4" SAE x 3/16" (Auto) core remover/installer/thread chaser

TLRAD | Universal Automotive Radiator Test Kits

Unit comes complete with pressure test adapters, rad cap test adapters, pressure test pump, thermometer & case

TLVC1 | Pocket Valve Core Tool

Pocket Valve Core Tool w/4 Spare Cores

TL7238 | Springlock Tool Kit

Springlock Ford/Import Tool Kit

TLMKC18 | Solenoid Valve Magnet

Solenoid Valve Troubleshooting Magnet, 18mm

TLMIR3 | Rectangular Telescoping Mirror

Rectangular Telescoping Mirror 89 x 54mm

TLMIR2 | Circular Telescoping Mirror

Circular Telescoping Mirror 57mm Diameter