MotorVac DieselTune Emission and Intake Cleaning System

ONTARIO, CANADA – April 6, 2015 –  CPS Automotive proudly announces the introduction of our Diesel Emission and Intake Cleaning System for carbon build-up in Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) System.

The program includes the DieselTune EGR Cleaning Tool, DieselTune EGR System Cleaner and a wide variety of EGR Adapter for applications with Cummins, Mercedes, Ford, GM, VW/Audi and more. The MotorVac DieselTune EGR Tool, Cleaner and Adapters offer technicians a complete, professional, and thorough diesel EGR circuit cleaning service. It is easy use; one step system makes it simple to connect to thousands of vehicles using its unique engineered adapters, eliminates the need for teardown, and comes with easy to follow engine instructions. The new DieselTune™ EGR System Cleaners effectively and quickly decarbonizes complete system with our proprietary MotorVac® chemistry.

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