DieselTune – A Complete Fuel System Service

DieselTune is a 2-line cleaning system connecting the engine through OEM specific adapters passeing a concentrated cleaning mixture with diesel fuel through the fuel system while the engine is running. This removes organic and inorganic deposits built-up in fuel injector, injection pumps and combustion chambers. Carbon, gum and varnish are dissolved and removed during combustion […]

Why use DieselTune Emissions and Intake Cleaning System?

EGR Systems become clogged with deposits affecting fuel economy and performance. DieselTune applies a powerful EGR System Cleaner into the circuit, rapidly dissolving deposits and eliminating issues commonly associated with plugged EGRs. Adding DieselTune Max Strength Fuel Injector Cleaner cleans pump and injectors offering a complete diesel fuel service.

Do more with A/C ExtenDye!

ONTARIO, CANADA – January 9, 2014-  A/C ExtenDye™ is the first of it’s kind: a super-concentrated A/C dye with an enhanced additive package that boosts performance and increases the longevity of the A/C system. 

CPS Link™ App Release

We’ve officially released our SUPER app! Now with CPS Link, all our Smart & Connected Tools will be able to communicate and connect using just one app. To download, visit the App Store for iOS mobile devices or Google Play for Android devices. Download today!